Clash Royale Update 5/18: Balance and Changes

Source: Supercell/Clash Royale
Supercell, Clash Royale announce earlier what will be the next balance and changes happening on May 18, 2016. These features will make some changes for cards that they feel overpowered and etc. An example of this is the Royal giant decreased attack damage to 4%. It seems that for me Royal Giant is powerfull with a good Hitpoints.

Here are the full Balance and changes originally posted via Clash Royale blog.

In this round of balance changes, were monitoring the Royal Giant, taking the edge off Freeze and giving the new cards some love!

We were a bit too cautious with the numbers for the new cards, so were looking to give them a boost and encourage everyone to give them a go! Sparky is looking quite good overall - her use rates and win rates are healthy - but shes certainly a card that can take people by surprise and feel overpowered. Once youve figured her out, however, shes not so scary.

Freeze: Duration decreased by 1sec

Hog+Freeze can be a devastating combo when pulled off correctly and is highly used at all levels. We dont want to deter offensive gameplay, so instead of adjusting the Hog Rider, we wanted to first see how a change to Freeze would shake things up.

Royal Giant: Damage decreased by 4%

Hes great again! Maybe a little bit too great. We dont want to tone down him down too much, as his use rates and win rates dont suggest hes overpowered. A small damage reduction should reign him in a bit, and well continue to keep an eye on him.

Furnace: Elixir cost decreased to 4 (from 5), hitpoints decreased by 14% and lifetime decreased to 40sec (from 50sec)

The Furnace has a very low use rate so we decided a small re-work was in order. A lower Elixir cost, combined with decreased hitpoints and lifetime for balance, should make it a viable choice.

Fire Spirits: Area Damage radius increased by 25%

Their damage is good, but they dont always hit everything youd like them to. This change should make them more reliable.

Guards: Hitpoints and damage increased by 8%

Low use rates across the board. The ruthless bone brothers could do with some more hitpoints and damage to make them truly ruthless.

Miner: Hitpoints increased by 6%

The Miner is a really fun card and people are still figuring out the best uses for him. Hes in pretty good shape overall, but a few more hitpoints should help him find his place in the Arena.

Lava Hound: Hitpoints increased by 3%
Lava Pups: Hitpoints increased by 9%

As an 7 Elixir Legendary Card we dont think the Lava Hound is impressive enough yet. In particular, his second phase when the Pups pop out could do with a boost to make him a more enticing choice.

Elixir Collector: Hitpoints decreased by 9%

Use rate at the top is incredibly high - the most used card, in fact - making the Elixir Collector seem like too much of a compulsory choice (evidently our last change wasnt enough). We dont want any card to feel like a such an obvious choice, so were shaving some more hitpoints off.

Knight: Hitpoints increased by 10%

The Knight is a great well-rounded basic troop, but his simple functionality can be overlooked by the snazzier cards you unlock later on, and as a result his use rates are very low overall. Wed like to see more of this mini-tank in the Arena.

Bomber: Damage increased by 10% 

Bomber is currently an underrepresented basic troop which offers so much in the early to mid game. More damage should help him to compete at the top also.

Cannon: Hitpoints decreased by 5%

With the Royal Giants meteoric rise in fame, the Cannon has remained very popular, despite our last round of balance changes, and is the second most used card at the top. Wed like to take a few more hitpoints away and make it less of an obvious inclusion in so many decks.

Tesla: Hitpoints increased by 5%

Tesla doesnt currently stack up as a compelling choice next to the Cannon - a combination of this small boost and the Cannons hitpoint decrease should make choosing between the two a more interesting decision.

Golem & Golemite: Hitpoints increased by 5%

The Golems use rate is relatively low, in part due to the popularity of direct counters such as the Minion Horde, and also because the new Tournament Rules and max card levels decreased the relative strength of Epic Cards. A small hitpoint boost should help the Golem become more viable.

Witch: Damage increased by 10%

The Witch is an excellent early game pusher, but doesnt get much playtime in the higher Arenas. More damage, plus the Skeleton boost below will hopefully make her an interesting choice at more levels of play.

Skeletons (affects Tombstone, Skeleton Army, Witch, Skeletons): Hitpoints and damage increased by 5%

More bones in the Arena equals more fun.

Tombstone: Hitpoints increased by 10%

Tombstone has fallen out of favor, but because its such a staple counter for the Prince in the early game, wed like to see it as a more viable choice again. Additionally, this change should make it a possible alternative to the Cannon or Tesla in some decks.

Card Upgrade XP: Fixed for Epic and Legendary Cards

XP gained for upgrading Epic and Legendary Cards will be in line with the equivalent levels of Common and Rare Cards.

Do you liked the Update, tell us your thoughts about this update below, Thank you. 

Changing Username Color in Clash Royale Is Not Working Anymore

Changing Username Color on Clash Royale
Source: Youtube/ How to change colored username on Clash Royale
After the recent update, all colored names in Clash Royale are back to its normal color, White.

Now, Players will see the code <c#>your username/c#/ on their names.

# - code number 

So how to remove Code in My Username?

Unfortunately, You can't remove the code you've inputted after you had changed your username. You already used change username. Clash Royale only allowed changing username once. So now, you can see the code in your username in-the-game.  

We will have to wait for the next update if Clash Royal dev team will do something about this issue. 

Clash Royale Balance Changes (May 3, 2016)

Clash Royale 5/3 update: To make Clash Royale great again, Supercell dev team have released official notes earlier, April 29, 2016.  These are official list of balance changes after the update May 3, 2016, to fix bugs that they found out in the previous version.

They balance some of the cards that was very dominating in the gameplay.

Clash Royale Balance Changes:

- Mortar: Deployment time increased to 5 sec (from 3 sec). Damage decreased by 10%

- Bomb Tower: Lifetime Decreased to 40 sec (From 60sec)

- Elixir Collector: Hitpoints decreased by 20%

- Cannon: Hitpoints decreased by 11%

- Royal Giant: Ranged increased by  1

- Mirror: Common and Rare cards mirrored level 1 higher

- Valkyrie: Will be affected by pushback (e.g when hit by fireball)

- Mini P.E.K.K.A: Will be affected by pushback (e.g. when hit by Fireball)

Supercell Clash Royale also releases Sneak Peek for the upcoming major update to be announce soon.

Battle Deck Combination Using Mortar, Rocket, Fireball Cards and More

You are here because you are Exploring for new Battle cards combination for Mortar? Yes, I just saw this combination used by a rank no.4 Royale'rs.  He/She used Mortars as his/her main offense plus rocket and fireball for spamming. It seems that this is one of the best Battle deck combination I have seen so far using Mortar. (Or if you have your's feel free to share it below to the comment area, Thank you.)

Mortar is a Common card defensive building with a long range. Shoot's exploding shells that deal area damage. cannot shoot at targets that get very close!.

Mortar Deck Strategy:
Battle Deck Combination Using Mortar
(c) Supercell's Clash Royale 

Cards Combination: Mortar, Inferno, Cannon, Zap, Goblin, Rocket, Fireball, and Skeletons.
Average Elixer costs:  3.4

Offense: Mortar, Fireball, Rocket,
Defense: Cannon, Inferno, Zap
Defense/Offense (optional): Mortar, Fireball, Rocket, Goblin, Skeletons.

  • Mortar and all other cards must be on a high level when using this Battle deck.
  • You must defend your Mortars using other cards. (ex. Deploy defensive cards such as inferno tower or cannon beside mortar.)
  • Try to spam your rocket and fireballs knowing that you can defend your towers after you've lunch that any of the two cards.  
I hope It helped somehow If you have time to add more suggestions feel free to share your thoughts below. 

Zap Spell - Clash Royale

At Arena 5-6 Zap spell is one of the most used spell and one my favorite. I used zap spell for my attack combination. If you are looking for the complete statistics of  zap spell, Here is the summary:

Unlock Zap spell card from Arena 5. The Zap can easily eliminate low-level hordes and can kill multiple troops  in an affected area only.


Level Damage Area Crown Damage
1 80 32
2 88 36
3 96 38
4 106 42
5 117 47
6 128 52
7 140 56
8 154 62
9 169 68
10 186 75
11 204 82
12 224 90


Lightning zaps enemies, dealing damage inside a small radius. Reduced damage to Crown Towners.

Radius Elixer Cost Rarity Type
2.5 2 Common Spell

Here's How to use Colored Name in Clash Royale

Hey Chief, Have you notice some of the player use the colored name in Clash Royale? Do you want to change the color of your name too?

How to Change Colored Name
In-game, Settings Menu Change name, Clash Royale 

Changing Color Name

First, you have to go to, Settings Menu >> Then Tap Change Name then input the code with your username. Just follow the format below to use  colored name. 

Code to use

With the simple code you can already change colorof your name use this format to change color of your name < c + number > Your username < / c >  there are 8 available colors to choose see code below. 

  • <c2> Sa0 </c> Red
  • <c3> Sa0 </c> Green
  • <c4> Sa0 </c> Dark Blue
  • <c5> Sa0 </c> Light Blue
  • <c6> Sa0 </c> Pink
  • <c7> Sa0 </c> Yellow
  • <c8> Sa0 </c> Pink
  • <c9> Sa0 </c> Brown

Note: c1: Normal color, when you type first code you'll notice that you can only see 2>. It's ok, it will work it's just a glitch.  Continue inputing code, name and closing code then you'll see color of  the name changed. 

Viola, that's it'' I hope you change the color of your name in Clash Royale, Don't forget to share it with your friends.  

H/t: WizardGamingHD

Clash Royale Update March 23, 2016 (Balance Changes)

Clash Royale Update March 23, 2016
Supercell's Clash Royale release changes to balance gameplay,  they said that we have to expect monthly balance changes to keep the gameplay fun and fine.

The way we approach card balance in Clash Royale is a combination of playtesting and looking at the stats - in particular, card use rates and win rates across all levels of play. posted on their Clash royale latest blog post.

Balance changes to expect on the next Clash Royale update: 3/23

X-Bow: Range decreased to 12 (from 13)

We want to open the X-Bow up to a little bit more counterplay. A range reduction will mean you can no longer position it behind a Tesla, as well as across the river, and still hit your opponent's tower!
Tesla: Hit speed decreased to 0.8sec (from 0.7sec), lifetime decreased to 40sec (from 60sec)

The Tesla's use rates and win rates don't show it as being overpowered; however, another of core design principles is that all cards should have weaknesses and counters, whereas the Tesla doesn't clearly have any. A lower hit speed will reduce its DPS versus bigger targets significantly, and also make it more vulnerable to groups of troops.

Cannon: Lifetime decreased to 30sec (from 40sec)

The Cannon offers a bit too much defensive power and value for 3 Elixir. A lower lifetime will reduce its staying power.

Princess: Hitpoints decreased by 10%

When playing with Tournament Rule card levels, as a baseline we think Arrows should be able take out the Princess for an even Elixir trade. This hitpoint reduction ensures thats the case. Additionally, the Princess has a very high use rate and could do with some added vulnerability overall.

Ice Wizard: Damage increased by 5%

The Ice Wizard's main strength is control, but he could do with a little bit of extra damage to increase his value and make him more of a threat.

Prince: Charge speed decreased by 13%

The Prince is currently the most used card in the game, but despite very popular opinion, he isn't overpowered when looking at his win rates. However, his ability to take down a tower on his own when left unchecked can be quite startling. Slowing down his charge speed a notch will give more time to react and counter.

Dark Prince: Charge speed decreased by 13%

Both Princes ride the same breed of horse, and therefore it makes perfect sense that they move at the same speed!

Valkyrie: Hitpoints and damage increased by 10%

The Valkyrie's use rates are quite low, as she still needs to find her place in the world. More damage and health should help her get there.

Royal Giant: Damage increased by 20%

The Royal Giant's use rates and win rates are very low, showing that he is clearly underpowered. We wanted to give him significantly more damage, instead of boosting his hitpoints, so he could fulfill his dreams of becoming a wrecking ball.

Giant: Damage increased by 5%

Giving the Giant a bit more damage, instead of hitpoints, will make him a more compelling choice overall, without making him any more potent on defense.

Rage: Gives 40% movement and attack speed boost (from 35%), duration decreased by 20%

Rage can be an exciting and surprising card to see in action, but it's currently not quite strong enough to make the cut in most decks. By increasing the boost to 40% and lowering the duration, Rage will be a more intense and stronger offensive tool overall.

Poison: Damage increased by 5%

Poison has fairly low use rates. A bit of damage over time will make it a more interesting choice next to Fireball and the other damage spells.

Mirror: Legendary Cards mirrored 1 level lower

The Mirror is creating Legendary Cards at a disproportionately high level (slightly). After this change, a level 5 Mirror will make a level 2 Legendary Card, and so on.

Three Musketeers: Cost decreased to 9 (from 10)

Three Musketeers have a very low use rate. 9 Elixir will make them better value and less risk, hopefully increasing their allure.

Archers: Quicker initial attack (like Spear Goblins)

The Archers' use rate falls off after the early game, while the Spear Goblins remain popular across all levels. Were making their initial attack quicker, so they'll feel more responsive and effective.

Balloon: Hitpoints increased by 5%

The Balloon has low use rates at the top, and many enemies (buildings!). More hitpoints should help it get to those towers!

Witch: Damage increased by 5%

The Witch has very low use rates at the top. She needs a bit more damage to become relevant again.